Apple Cider Vinegar

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An apple cider supplement derived from the fermented juice of crushed apples.

  • Maintain and lower cholesterol
  • Contributes to weight loss
  • Supports normal skin health
  • Suitable for Vegans
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Daily food supplement providing 500mg Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) in each capsule. Apple cider vinegar comes from the fermented juice of crushed apples.

You’ve probably heard that apple cider vinegar is good for you. But what are the specific benefits of Vitasol apple cider vinegar capsules and how do they work?

Vinegar has been around since Roman times, and now with a wealth of scientific research behind it, it’s safe to say that it’s one of the most sought-after natural products around.

Although apple cider vinegar doesn’t contain many vitamins or minerals, it’s an excellent source of other bioactive ingredients. Two of the key ones are acetic acid and malic acid.

  • Acetic acid, as we mentioned above, is created by adding bacteria to the fermented apple alcohol, and it has loads of benefits (we’ll get to those in a minute)
  • Malic acid, on the other hand, is found naturally in fruits like apples, cherries, and tomatoes, but is found at an even higher concentration in Apple Cider Vinegar

Fun fact: If you’ve ever had a sour candy, malic acid is probably the main ingredient! Malic acid is what gives some apples their tart flavor and has been known to help with increasing energy levels and pain relief.

ACV has tons of health benefits thanks to these bioactive ingredients. Here are just a few:

One of the biggest benefits of ACV is that it can aid in weight loss. Studies have shown that consuming ACV (along with high-carb foods) can result in feeling fuller for longer. This, in turn, can help with losing weight due to a reduced caloric intake.

One Japanese study conducted with obese subjects found that regularly consuming ACV daily helped reduce belly fat significantly more than the placebo group.

Friendly Reminder: Though research supports ACV’s impact on weight loss, no single food or drink is going to work miracles. ACV works in tandem with proper diet and exercise – the good old-fashioned method!

Some studies have shown that regular consumption of ACV can help lower cholesterol and triacylglycerols, which supports heart health.

When your blood pressure is high, your heart is working harder. We think the mantra “work smarter, not harder” should apply to your body, too.

Acetic acid, the superstar active ingredient in ACV, was found in one study to decrease blood pressure in animals. Another study on animals found that vinegar actually blocks the enzyme that raises blood pressure. Yet another showed that consuming ACV reduced the risk of heart disease in humans.

ACV is particularly great for people with diabetes, or anyone who wants to keep their blood sugar levels regulated (i.e. everyone!). Numerous studies have shown that ACV lowers blood sugar and improves insulin responses.

Manufactured in the UK to the GMP code of practice. These procedures ensure that the basic manufacturing practices and prerequisites necessary for product quality and safety are being followed so that we can guarantee you receive consistently high quality products.

Suggested Serving

Adults, take 1-3 capsules daily with water and food. Do not exceed recommended daily dose.


Apple Cider Vinegar 500mg

Other Ingredients: HPMC Capsule Shell

Allergy Advice: Although rigorous precautions are taken to prevent any cross-contamination, this product is manufactured in a facility that handles allergy-based materials.


Always consult your health practitioner before taking nutritional supplements if you are taking medication or are under medical supervision. You should not take supplements as a substitute for a varied balanced diet. Store in a cool dry place, out of reach of children. Do not exceed stated dose.


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